About Vmeals

Vmeals Service

Through Vmeals, our local partner restaurants and caterers offer a wide variety of food with menus specially designed for group functions. With just a few clicks of the mouse customers can place an order or e-mail a menu to their guests and invite them to make their own menu choices. Either way, the ordering process is quick and easy.

Vmeals' service is designed to take the unwelcome surprises out of ordering food. Vmeals' menu prices are competitive and all inclusive and even at the most economical levels, prices include tax, tip, and any delivery fees. There are no additional charges tacked on at checkout.

Vmeals then utilizes our proprietary, proven methodology to process all orders through our system. Orders are routed to the appropriate restaurant or caterer and through sophisticated work flow automation Vmeals monitors the progress of each order. As part of this process, Customer Service confirms every order with the food providers after the order is transmitted to them, and again on the day of delivery. We then place a courtesy call to our customers confirming that their order is on schedule. Our approach avoids many of the delivery time problems that are often encountered when it's too late to correct the situation.

The only surprises our customers experience are how great the food is and how simple ordering is with Vmeals!

So, if you need to arrange a meal for your group – and you already have a lot on your plate – we invite you to try Vmeals. Simply click here to get started – Place an Order!

For Restaurants and Caterers

By offering great food and top-quality service, Vmeals is building relationships with customers who place large orders for group functions on a regular basis. If you manage a restaurant or catering service and are committed to fine food, the highest standards of service, and uncompromising customer satisfaction, we'd like to tell our customers about you. Please click here to learn more about partnering with Vmeals.