Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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General Information

What is Vmeals?
The Vmeals service allows you to plan and place your food orders online and even email custom menus to your attendees right from your desktop. Please click here - About Us - for more information on what Vmeals has to offer!

What type of food does Vmeals serve?
Vmeals offers a wide variety of food through multiple restaurants and caterers. We carefully select ‘best of class’ food providers from your area to offer better selection, convenience, and reliability than any single catering or delivery service. Our most popular items include appetizer platters, box lunches and buffets. We will gladly arrange anything from the basic to the most exotic presentations for your events.

Does Vmeals have a satisfaction guarantee?
Yes. Orders you place through Vmeals are backed by an on-time delivery guarantee and ‘real people’ customer service to ensure your satisfaction with every order.

Do I have to register before trying the Vmeals service?
No. You can browse our menus and start placing your order without registering. Before you checkout, we will ask you for basic contact information so that we can send you an e-mail confirmation of you order and a give you a courtesy call on the day of your order to let you know your delivery is on schedule. This information is kept confidential and used only for communicating with you about your Vmeals service.

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Managing Your Orders

How do I place an order?
It’s simple! Go to and provide the date, time, place of your meeting or event. We’ll then match you with the best caterers and restaurants in your area who will deliver at the time and place you specified.

What if I have multiple delivery locations?
No problem. You can select a different delivery location for each order. We will store all of your delivery locations for even faster ordering on future orders.

How can I change my account information?
Click on My Account and select the My Profile tab to change your contact information and password.

How can I see my past and future orders?
Click on My Account and select My Orders tab. Your Upcoming Orders will be displayed. You may select other reports on your account from the drop down list such as your order history.

What if I need to change my order?
Vmeals ‘real people’ customer service team works hard to ensure your satisfaction with every order. They can be reached via the toll free phone number 1-800-326-1480 or via e-mail for any changes or questions about your order.

Is there a minimum order?
Vmeals restaurants and caterers specify the minimum dollar value they will accept for an order. Minimum order amounts are clearly shown at the top of each menu so there are no surprises as you make your selections.

What if we have special needs or requests for our orders?
No mayo? No problem! You can add special instructions to every order and even to specific menu items within that order. You can even assign names and individual requests to your box lunch orders.

If I invite guests via email, can I see who has ordered?
Yes. Go to My Account on the Vmeals web site and click Upcoming Orders. You can then look at your outstanding orders. You will see who has and has not ordered, any invitation regrets, and you can even add to the order.

Can I cancel my order?
Yes. If you haven't applied payment to your order, go to My Account on the Vmeals web site. This will take you to Upcoming Orders. Click on the Order ID, then click the Cancel Order button.

If you have applied payment, call 1-800-326-1480 and speak to a Customer Service Representative who will assist you.

Because our restaurants and caterers have to plan ahead to fill you order, we ask that you cancel orders as follows:

  • 24 hours or more for orders that are up to $200
  • 48 hours or more for orders that are $201-$499
  • 72 hours or more for orders that are $500 or more.

Unfortunately if these guidelines aren't met you will be responsible for payment to the extent that food and transaction costs have been incurred toward the fulfillment of your order.

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Pricing and Payment

What is included in the menu price?
Everything! Vmeals features all-inclusive pricing so any tax, tip and/or delivery fees are included in the item pricing, so there are no surprises at checkout or delivery time. As you are selecting your menu items the total that you see when you review your order is the total you pay - no hidden fees!

Is there a delivery charge or tip?
Vmeals features all-inclusive pricing so any tax, tip and/or delivery fees are included in the item pricing for orders that meet the minimum dollar that are shown on the menus. Many restaurants and caterers will accept orders that do not meet the minimums if you agree to pay an additional delivery fee set by that provider and listed in their menu.

Can I set up a billing account with Vmeals?
Yes. Before you can pay via invoice you must be approved for credit. If you would like to apply for a Vmeals account, please complete the Credit Application and simply email or fax the completed application back to us. Please note that approval process requires 3-5 business days, and that your order is not confirmed until payment is arranged. If your order delivery date is within 5 business days, please use a credit card for payment.

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Contests and Awards

Vmeals may at times run contests for the purposes of promoting our services. Please click on the appropriate link below for complete rules of current Vmeals' contests.

Vmeals contests are open only to legal residents of the United States, living in the United States who are at least 18 years of age. Void where prohibited by law, rule, regulation or company policy. All federal, state and local laws and regulations apply.

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