Pharmaceutical Rep Catering Program

Pharmaceutical Rep Program

Finally, there’s a simple, convenient way for pharmaceutical reps to order great delivered meals online.

Pharma reps love Vmeals, and we love our pharma rep customers. We understand how tough your job is, and how important it is for your delivered meals to be on time, accurate, and top quality. We have designed our entire system – and especially our web-based ordering experience – to meet the needs of our demanding and highly professional pharma rep users.

Here’s an example: We know that you spend a lot of time in your car, and on your phone, and that you often can’t get online to place an order. In those cases just call our toll-free order line at 1-866-871-1451 and one of our expert customer service staff members will help you get an order set up in the system. Store this number under “Vmeals” in your cell phone, and call us anytime you need some last-minute help!

Vmeals was recently featured in an article on online food ordering in Pharmaceutical Representative magazine. We were selected due to our fast growing reach into the pharmaceutical sales industry, and our unique service offering for pharma reps:

  • Wide variety of qualified restaurants and caterers
  • Personal telephone confirmation and customer service on every order
  • Easy online ordering
  • Order months ahead for doc office lunches
  • Detailed, online order history and expense receipts
  • Up-front, all-inclusive pricing. No hidden charges
  • Compliance: manage all your event history and expense reporting with Vmeals
Click here to read the PR magazine article:Pharmaceutical Representative Article.

If you’re a pharma rep, and you have a great restaurant or caterer in your area who really understands your delivered meal needs, maybe you can help us. Send their name and contact info to and we’ll work to get them featured on our site. Then you can order from them online, 24 hours a day, and we’ll handle all the payment and customer service for you!