VCAP Rewards - Frequently Asked Questions

VCAP – Vmeals Customer Appreciation Program

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How do I enroll?
Simply go to to learn more information about VCAP and its benefits. There is a button below stating “Sign Up For VCAP Today! *” That’s it – no fees, no strings attached!

How can I find out if I am eligible for VCAP?
It is necessary to make sure your company policy allows rewards, credits, and/or “kickbacks” to be part of VCAP. Please check your policy to ensure eligibility.



How can I check my current point total?
Go to “My Account” and there is a “My VCAP” tab where you can see your up-to-date point total and point breakdown. For clarifications and questions regarding VCAP points totals, please send an email to We will address your question within 36 hours.

Can I make my reward choice on the website?
Yes! Once made, it will be automatically stored for your convenience.

Do I need to have my mailing address for this program?
It is strongly encouraged that you update your address information to ensure fast and proper delivery of your rewards every quarter. If you are wanting to send it to another person, you can do so by filling in his or her address in the “My VCAP” tab on the “My Account” page.

Will I receive e-mails about VCAP?
Yes, you will receive monthly updates from regarding your point totals. We will send one update in the 1st month of the quarter (end of the month), 2 in the 2nd month (mid-month and end of the month), and 3 in the final (mid-month, near-end, and end of the month). As a VCAP participant, you can not un-enroll from VCAP related emails. Unsubscribing from VCAP will result in un-enrolling from the program. This information will always be explicit in every email sent from


How do I earn points through VCAP?
Every order that is processed, fulfilled and delivered through Vmeals within the given quarter will count towards your point total. You can also receive points for referring customers that have his or her 1st order processed, fulfilled and delivered during the given quarter, or referring providers that become active within the Vmeals system. For a full description of point breakdowns, please visit

If I placed an order in Q2 to be delivered in Q3, do I get points in Q2 or Q3?
Q3. The reason is it such is because a customer will receive credit upon the delivery of the order.

How can I refer a customer?
You can refer someone through our Refer-A-Friend button on the VCAP page, which will send an email to, which allows Vmeals to send information to that specified person about Vmeals and VCAP. Once that person registers, the referred customer must include the referrer’s email address in the “Referral Code” box to count as a proper referral. For questions regarding referrals, please email

How can I refer a provider?
You can refer a provider through our Refer-A-Provider button on the VCAP page, and our Provider Team will call the given provider within the given week. If information is requested regarding current Vmeals status with a future provider, feel free to email



What are our reward choices with VCAP?
You can choose between credit with Vmeals, Target, Discover® Card or give a donation to our chosen non-profit organizations, which are Furnari Fund and Animal Rescue Fund. All rewards will last 1-2 years, depending on the reward.

How do I redeem my VCAP points for rewards?
Your points will automatically be redeemed at the end of the given calendar quarter. You will receive an update regarding your total VCAP points and rewards earned.

When must I make my reward choice?
You must make your choice before the quarter ends. If no choice is made, the default choice will be Vmeals credit.

How will I receive my reward?
You receive your reward via standard mail to your mailing address or it will be hand-given from your Local Market Manager. This process will usually takes 4 weeks.

My reward is lost. What should I do?
E-mail VCAP at and we will be able to assist you in the possible retrieval of your reward, if it is on file.