Virtual Café

Virtual Café

Vmeals' new Virtual Café is a revolutionary solution for in-house employee meals for large businesses and organizations.

Great individual meals at great prices -- every day -- right in your own office.

With Virtual Café your highly valuable employees can order and enjoy delicious meals from our certified local restaurants every day. No more having to leave the office for long periods of time at lunch. Even better, they can pay for their orders using their own credit cards. We take care of everything else: processing the individual orders and payments; coordinating the orders with the restaurant; tracking the orders to delivery at your business; and all online reporting for your records.

Here's how Virtual Café can help your business:

  • Provide great in-house meals for your employees
  • Provide a valuable employee benefit
  • Improve your employee morale and productivity
  • Offer a partial or full meal subsidy (optional for each meal)

Virtual Café is a completely tested, reliable online system for individual meal ordering. Our local market representatives will help you with all setup, implementation and communication associated with "opening a Virtual Café" in your business.

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